Turmoil Tuesday!


I need to get a grip on my craft room,(1st area).  I guess I can call it my supply area, since I now have expanded to the Dining room area to work on my cards.  Where does this end?  I dream crafting, and it is such an important part of my life, BUT…the whole house?  Oh my!  I have boxes and totes filled to the brim with stuff!   Heavens what if there might be something I can use in that box?  hahahaha  I am thinking hoarder???

Its funny, I watch tutorials and videos, and their area is cleared of all but what they are using!  Never gonna happen here!  I always have a mess around where I am creating.  One never knows what one might need next to finish off the design!  I am doomed!  I am in a fight continually with myself…I call myself a organized, disorganized crafter…it fits, I own it!

Off to do something…have a wonderful crafty day…God Bless


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