Helpful Tips

I was browsing some sites this morning, and have copied some helpful tips for card making.  I would like to post them for you to enjoy and use also.

  • Use wooden, cardboard or plastic floss cards to organize your ribbons. (refer photo above)
  • Keep all the scrap paper. You can use them to punch out punchies. (punchies: what you punch out with your paper punches).
  • Put a pack of Baby Wipe nearby to clean your rubber stamps in-between change of colors.
  • Ink your stamp with Versamark ink before using Stazon, Brilliance inks or any other difficult to clean ink.
  • Use washable ink-pads when making cards with children. Children love to stamp on their hands, arms and faces.
  • Keep a notebook beside you on your bedside table to jot down card making ideas in the night.
  • Shake your chalk re-inker by putting it in a sock and spin it!
  • If the rubber on your rubber stamps are turning white, apply a light coat of glycerin over the rubber to avoid ghosting. You can find glycerin at your local pharmacy.
  • Not sure what color card to use to layer your image on? Choose a color from the image.
  • Lightly sand your shrink plastic first before stamping on it.
  • Dip a brush in water and paint your shape on the paper, pull paper apart with your hands to give a lovely feathered edge to your shape.
  • Stamp some images on white card stocks with black pigment ink and carry them in your purse with a small pack of color pencils. Color them during waiting time.
  • Store your markers horizontally.
  • Store your not so juicy ink-pads upside down to let the ink sink to the top of the pads.

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