Creative Dreams for the Holiday Cards

I have been spending waaaaay to much time dreaming of new ideas for my Holiday cards!

Have been gathering ideas from various different sites, on YouTube,blogs,product sites, and where ever I have been baited to go!  Having a ball!

Today, my hopes are to do the switch out of supplies.  That in its self, should keep me busy!

I have some new papers, Joann”s had a sale on the decorative patterned scrapbook papers.  I feel like I have a pretty good selection for my Christmas carding now.  Awesome sale, 6 for .96…could not pass that sale up!  Picked up a few other things, so excited to get started!  I just re-filled my Copics, I am ready…

I have a question for anyone that uses the clear type acrylic unmounted stamps.

How does everyone store them?  I am looking for any ideas that I can use to store them safely.  I appreciate the prices of these stamps, and the fact that they take so little space, yet, I haven’t found a good solution for storing then.

Thank you for any ideas.  God Bless all.


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