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Where have I been?

Right here!

I have been busy,making various cards,Christmas gifts and stuff!

Did feel as if I needed to at least to check in, update some thing. I will try to post some pictures soon. Happy Birthday Rich!  One of my BEST friends for life, and did I say, x-husband,roommate?  REALLY?  Hahahahahaha


Creative Dreams for the Holiday Cards

I have been spending waaaaay to much time dreaming of new ideas for my Holiday cards!

Have been gathering ideas from various different sites, on YouTube,blogs,product sites, and where ever I have been baited to go!  Having a ball!

Today, my hopes are to do the switch out of supplies.  That in its self, should keep me busy!

I have some new papers, Joann”s had a sale on the decorative patterned scrapbook papers.  I feel like I have a pretty good selection for my Christmas carding now.  Awesome sale, 6 for .96…could not pass that sale up!  Picked up a few other things, so excited to get started!  I just re-filled my Copics, I am ready…

I have a question for anyone that uses the clear type acrylic unmounted stamps.

How does everyone store them?  I am looking for any ideas that I can use to store them safely.  I appreciate the prices of these stamps, and the fact that they take so little space, yet, I haven’t found a good solution for storing then.

Thank you for any ideas.  God Bless all.

Helpful Tips

I was browsing some sites this morning, and have copied some helpful tips for card making.  I would like to post them for you to enjoy and use also.

  • Use wooden, cardboard or plastic floss cards to organize your ribbons. (refer photo above)
  • Keep all the scrap paper. You can use them to punch out punchies. (punchies: what you punch out with your paper punches).
  • Put a pack of Baby Wipe nearby to clean your rubber stamps in-between change of colors.
  • Ink your stamp with Versamark ink before using Stazon, Brilliance inks or any other difficult to clean ink.
  • Use washable ink-pads when making cards with children. Children love to stamp on their hands, arms and faces.
  • Keep a notebook beside you on your bedside table to jot down card making ideas in the night.
  • Shake your chalk re-inker by putting it in a sock and spin it!
  • If the rubber on your rubber stamps are turning white, apply a light coat of glycerin over the rubber to avoid ghosting. You can find glycerin at your local pharmacy.
  • Not sure what color card to use to layer your image on? Choose a color from the image.
  • Lightly sand your shrink plastic first before stamping on it.
  • Dip a brush in water and paint your shape on the paper, pull paper apart with your hands to give a lovely feathered edge to your shape.
  • Stamp some images on white card stocks with black pigment ink and carry them in your purse with a small pack of color pencils. Color them during waiting time.
  • Store your markers horizontally.
  • Store your not so juicy ink-pads upside down to let the ink sink to the top of the pads.

Happy Happy Happy

As posted earlier, I have been busy creating new cards!  Going through a lot of materials, both old and new.  Good thing I guess, because my stockpiles is still quite large!  Why is it that I know I have a great selection of materials to work with, I find myself always looking for MORE!  I have lost control!

I am looking forward to what my new paths will lead me to.  Just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other, walking, waiting for instructions.  How exciting!  ‘

Happy Days for everyone, and God Bless every moment.

Turmoil Tuesday!


I need to get a grip on my craft room,(1st area).  I guess I can call it my supply area, since I now have expanded to the Dining room area to work on my cards.  Where does this end?  I dream crafting, and it is such an important part of my life, BUT…the whole house?  Oh my!  I have boxes and totes filled to the brim with stuff!   Heavens what if there might be something I can use in that box?  hahahaha  I am thinking hoarder???

Its funny, I watch tutorials and videos, and their area is cleared of all but what they are using!  Never gonna happen here!  I always have a mess around where I am creating.  One never knows what one might need next to finish off the design!  I am doomed!  I am in a fight continually with myself…I call myself a organized, disorganized crafter…it fits, I own it!

Off to do something…have a wonderful crafty day…God Bless

Texture pastes,stencils,colors OH MY***

There are sooooo many mediums to create with. The “Art Tool Box” can never have too much in it.  Using these tools, is where the artist comes from.

This tutorial shows just a little usage of a few “Tools”.  It literally is just trying them…making them work for you.  You are the artist.  Your eyes and creativity are yours to do what you see and feel.  ever-changing.  New products, new ideas and new art!  People say, I wish I could do that.  Try it out.  That’s where the fun begins, and the art is  created.  Some will be liked and loved, and some not.  Mix it up, play around, and have fun!

GREAT Additions

I have been sorting my embellishments out!  My oh my!  I have accumulated so many different types of all sizes, shapes and colors.

Some of my favorites, are made by my self!  Truly one of a kind.

Hope you can use some of the ideas from this video, and have some extra fun making your own!

New productive week!

Yes!  It’s the start of a new week, I have so many cool changes going on.  I have relocated my crafting area completly, and with that a total reorganizing of supplies.  It is refreshing to go through supplies every so often.  I work in strange ways,(I will be the first to admit).  I have a real hard time throwing ANYTHING away.  A scrap of paper, might just be the scrap I need to finish my project!

That’s where mixed mediums and I are in love.  Little bit of this and that, and a creation is born.  Not all of my ideas have resulted in a masterpiece, however, they are all works of the soul.