Time for me to update!

What can I say?  I have been working on my crafts!  What’s new?  That is my life!  I am waiting to hear back from a stamp company.  The are looking for a design person.  I would be so thrilled to be chosen.  I do realize that there is probably a lot of interest from a lot of folks however…..I REALLY do want this!  What a dream.  thCAMYXVMJ

blinkieToday is here!  My plan for today is to make a few cards for friends, and family.  I have a very special Birthday coming up!  My Beautiful Daughter.  Not sure what direction I am going to go yet.  She’s so cute, she will like whatever I make,(then, throw it away, when I am not looking).  She is a no clutter gal, very unlike her Mother.  I have a difficult time getting rid of anything that I feel I might someday use.  CRAZY thought processes going on continually!

Okay, I am OUT for now!  Have a blessed day, and Happy Crafting.


cards 004Tuesday…what is everyone working on?

I am going to continue working on some cool Halloween cards.  I lean more towards the bizarre part of Halloween, not really in to the cutie pumpkins ones!

Before we know it, it will be the Christmas season.  Where did the year go?  Simply amazing!

I am pondering bundling my cards, and listing for sale on Etsy.  Sure a lot of competition there, but who knows!  Anyone else have any ideas for selling handmade?  I have done Craft shows, years ago.  Might start looking for some venues for the Holiday sales.

Until later my Crafting Buddies…God Bless

Doing a Happy Dance here!  I figured out how to transfer pics from my IPad to my main computer…and…attach then to an e-mail to boot!    I colored with my Copic Markers, embellished with paper flowers, little bling, a florish, ribbon, and some paper stripes.  Good for all occasion, Birthday, Thinking of You card.

Setting up my new craft area, plan on finishing that tomorrow, then back to creating.  Pretty excited!  Have a wonderful Day.

God Bless and Happy Crafting…..

Card I did quite some time ago
Card I did quite some time ago

Still working on transfers

Folks, I have proven that I am NOT a computer wizard!

Still working on transfer issues.  I am sooooo lost!

On the wonderful side, I am bringing home my new artsy materials and furniture!  The TAKEOVER has begun!

Say goodbye to the formal dining space, and “HELLO”, to the expanded art area!

I will post some pics soon, I promise.

Until then, or sooner…keep on Crafting, and enjoying what you do!

Working on Pictures

Today, I am attempting to take pictures of some of the cards I have completed.

I can take the pics okay with my Ipad, however,the challenge for me is to get them from one source to the other!

Did I mention that I am challenged, when it comes to technical stuff?  Hahaha, I really need to work on this!   It all seems so easy, when shown!  But…so does brain surgery!  PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE    I will so be able to do this in my sleep! 421256578393654a39f878ee59c11a5b


My Blog has its start!

Hi folks!                                     th (1)

I have finally figured out how to start my blog.  I am excited!  Now, if I can only figure out how to get back here!  hahahaha

My mission is to post, and pick up ideas from all of the creative people around me.  I enjoy crafting, always have, and always will.

Having dabbled in so many crafts in the past, I feel pretty fulfilled. I got the bug when I was around 19 years old!  I spent many hours in my mom’s garage, pouring cold ceramics.  Molding, un-molding, and finishing my works! My mom and first husband also joined in.  We advanced to pouring liquid resin, making the all to famous grape clusters,(every one has to remember these)!  Oh, my gosh, what didn’t I get into back then?  Pipe cleaner bird cages come to mind!  Beautiful dust collectors!

My husband of two years, sadly passed away suddenly.  I buried myself deeper and deeper into crafting.  Waxed bottle candles stand out!  Of course, after emptying the bottles…another hahahahahaha.

Ended up getting married again, to my high school buddy. We started our little family.  Had a beautiful baby boy.

Anyway…, we bought a kiln, and everything to go with it…never go just halfway.  I traded in my ceramics, kiln and all for a VW Bug! The bug was to small in my mind to haul my baby safely, so GONE!

I then started making and designing silver jewelry.  Yep, you guess it, God blessed us with a precious baby girl!  With all of the duties of motherhood, I packed my supplies, put them away, and still have them packed.  Oh wow, silver prices are up, I smell a sale coming on!

Updated..skipped several years………………….

I am now a Grandma and Great Grandma(Grandma Go-Go)….

Medically disabled, and still a crafting nut!

Into the scrap booking/card making/journals now!  Love it.  I could open my own craft store I swear!  Don’t move anything however, because, I know I have it! I so enjoy creating things out of papers and stamps.  I have acquired Copic markers, and can spend hours upon hours coloring my stamped images.

I thoroughly find it thrilling to use so many different mediums in a finished piece.

Okay, I have opened up a part of my world, now, its your turn!  I hope you feel comfortable to share  your creations and stories with me.  Check back often, and I will do the same.